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Hey hey, hello, thank you! I’m guessing you’re talking about the pictures of my characters Paolo and Sun? I’m happy you like them, and that you asked me about my process. It’s my first time talking about it so I hope this will be sufficient!

I actually was pretty excited to get this question…… and made a new picture of my newest character to celebrate LOL It’s more detailed than the drawings in question haha! //overdoes it


I guess it’ll be kinda long so I’ll write some and then put the rest under a read more.


I guess I’ll start talking about the brushes I use. I mostly use the first 4 brushes, the airbrushes, and the second to last circle brush (the size 35 one). I really switch around a lot with the type of brushes, and the settings.

I’m not very consistent with them, but somehow the end result always kind of looks the same. xD I suppose that’s why people say it’s the artist and not the tools.


These are my settings. I use pretty much only the Shape Dynamics and the Transfer Options. Shape Dynamics makes the brush pointy at the ends, and Transfer gives the pen pressure.

I have both the options (Shape Dynamics and Transfer) locked so it doesn’t change when I change a brush. You lock it with the little lock next to the name.

Usually I set Opacity Jitter pen pressure between 50 to 70% depending on what I feel like. For some reason, on some days i have a harder touch and some days i have a softer one so it really depends LOL

I never change the brush options throughout this painting. So it’s just a matter of using different brushes.

Well I guess that was a long beginning haha. Here is the rest under the cut. Also there is a link to a video of my rendering process as well! I hope it turns out to be helpful.

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Livestream procaster consumes large amounts of cpu for nothing. No joke, nothing. As a result your stream can become laggy and sometimes it can damage your hardware as your PC has to push itself to keep what your streaming functioning as well as possible.

"But if we can’t use procaster what can we use insteaaaaad?"

Simple. There’s two programs, both that are free, that you can use that uses very little CPU and has more options than procaster. These programs are called Xsplit and OBS. To keep your head in one piece, I’m going to go over how to stream on Livestream with Xsplit.

Under the cut of course.

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Save this for later, everyone told me to use Procaster when I asked what to livestream with


i made a new 8tracks playlist, for thinking about life or whatever. listen here and use ur headphones
snookered // dan deacon
moonlight // david vandervelde
lindisfarne i // james blake
lindisfarne ii // james blake
3 days // rhye
about you // xxyyxx
avril 14th // aphex twin
promontory // randy edelman & trevor jones
veridis quo // daft punk
quick canal // atlas sound & laetitia sadier
love like a sunset // phoenix
passenger // mutual benefit


i made a new 8tracks playlist, for thinking about life or whatever. listen here and use ur headphones

  1. snookered // dan deacon
  2. moonlight // david vandervelde
  3. lindisfarne i // james blake
  4. lindisfarne ii // james blake
  5. 3 days // rhye
  6. about you // xxyyxx
  7. avril 14th // aphex twin
  8. promontory // randy edelman & trevor jones
  9. veridis quo // daft punk
  10. quick canal // atlas sound & laetitia sadier
  11. love like a sunset // phoenix
  12. passenger // mutual benefit

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Scarlett Johansson and Dita Von Teese - Flaunt USA October 2006

Why do you put your self esteem in the hands of complete strangers?-Helena Bonham Carter

Why do you put your self esteem in the hands of complete strangers?
-Helena Bonham Carter

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Okay, so almost everyone knows Idina Menzel because of ‘Frozen’ or from her role as Elphaba in ‘Wicked’

Everyone, this is Kerry Ellis. 
She’s a west end performer, who’s also played Elphaba in Wicked. This is a rendition of her singing ‘Defying Gravity’ produced by Mother.Fucking.Brian May.
Yes. Brian May from Queen.

I seriously recommend you watch it because it’s the Defying Gravity we all know and love, but with a rock sounding element similar to the sound of Queen.

This is really good

Showtunes combined with the greatest rock guitarist ever*? Yes, I will take some of that.

*I will fight you to the death on this.

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